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For some reason, I always seem to receive a lot of mail on the subject of “Term Life Insurance”.  Most want to know the benefits or pitfalls of Term Life

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Indexed Universal Life

What if you could get the flexibility of adjustable life insurance premiums and face value and an opportunity to increase cash value would you go

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This may sound like an easy question, but there are many people that own final expense life insurance or burial life insurance because they thought that

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Being a homeowner is one of the major milestones in life, which many people strive towards along the path of true adulting. If you are a soon-to-be home

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Definition of an annuity is a sum of money or an investment that is paid at regular intervals. There are two types of annuities: Fixed & Variable rate

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Medicare Plans

When an American citizen turns 65 years of age, they have the option to enroll in Medicare (they may also qualify before the age of 65 if they are

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A+ Rated Insurances

We are  Field Underwriters for First Family Life and represent many A+ Rated Insurance Carriers.

We are not stuck to just one product line, therefore we can find the perfect coverage for everyone’s unique needs.

We are proud to represent these carriers

Why Should I Call This Agency for Insurance?

Good question. There are a lot of insurance agents out there and it may seem like any agent or broker is as good as another. But we are decidedly different.

Let´s face it, insurance jargon can be very confusing. We know the ins and outs of the insurance business, and our inside knowledge of many companies and many products will work to your advantage. In fact, different insurance companies often charge vastly different premiums for the exact same coverage.

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Working in insurance sales demands patience and perseverance. As an insurance team leader, sometimes called a sales manager, your staff’s income will typically depend entirely on commission, and you may have to deal with more people leaving than in a regular office job that pays a salary. Your staff will require a lot of attention, from training to assistance with potential clients, but your single biggest concern may be to keep your team motivated at times when they lose their focus, which can lead to letting a sales opportunity pass them by.


How does an indexed universal life policy work?
Are indexed universal life policies worth it?
Can you borrow against your universal life insurance policy?
What is simple annuity?
What is simple annuity?
What is the annuity formula?
How do I file a claim with Medicare?
Can I submit a claim directly to Medicare?
What are the different plans of Medicare?

Financial Security

Allowing you to consider investments to improve your overall financial well-being. Family Security: Providing for your family’s financial security is an important part of the financial planning process.

Business Goals

  • Reduce Ongoing Business Expenses
  • Hire Your First Employee
  • Ramp Up Productivity in Your Business

Savings and Investing

You can earn interest by putting money in a savings account, but savings accounts generally earn a lower return than investments.

Pay for Education

Its the governments duty to provide education and pay for it. It would be free for the students but eventually government is paying for it


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We’re a Husband & Wife team who recognize the importance of safeguarding our families. We believe that finding the right insurance policy should be easy and painless.As independent agents we are not employed by one company. Instead, we can select insurance products from among those companies that best address your unique concerns.


“This is a note of thanks to Smith Financial Services Team for their quick response and help whenever I need it and I would definitely recommend this insurance agency to others without question.  Thanks again for all you do for our small business.”
“It’s always a pleasure to stop by – a rare treat. You set a good example. Everyone is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and your rates are affordable.”
“Great service and works to find you the best coverage and prices available.”
“You are all doing a great job of making insurance easy and affordable when times are tough. Thank you.”
“Always available and I always get answers quickly; easy to talk with and very professional.”
“Fast service and knowledgeable staff. Good value for service & I like the cost.”
“Dave Smith and Susan Smith are fine folks! Always accommodating, friendly, and prompt.”
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